Ultra-Slim® Thin Section Bearing

Ideal for applications in robotics, inspection equipment,satellites, cameras… anywhere precise positioning and lightweight designs are critical.

At just 2.5 mm wide, Ultra-Slim bearings are available in bore sizes ranging from 35 mm to 170 mm for an array of applications.Their compact profile allows you to use Ultra-Slim bearings in many highly confined spaces.

Precision-engineered Ultra-Slim bearings are made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. They are available in angular contact (Type A), radial contact (Type C), and four-point contact (Type X) styles. Torque figures shown are for single bearings with standard internal fit-up, standard lubricant at room temperature,and under 5 pounds thrust load. (See selection charts on the next page.)

Note that Ultra-Slim bearings are not designed to be preloaded and are not recommended for continuous rotation applications, as the cross-section cannot accommodate a separator.

Hybrid bearings with ceramic balls are available upon request.These are used often when lubrication is marginal or when lower wear generation and/or lower torque levels are required.

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