NAA Series Type A-Angular Contact

Kaydon Open Endurakote-Plated Endura-Slim® Bearing

3. Open Endurakote-Plated Endura-Slim® Bearing

    A deep groove bearing with reduced shoulder on one side of inner or outer race ball path. Snap-over assembly permits use of a one-piece circular pocket ring separator and greater ball complement.These bearings will accept radial load and single direction thrust load and are normally used in conjunction with another bearing of similar construction.

    Type A bearings require the application of thrust to establish contact angle. Stock bearings are individual units and when purchased as such must be adjusted at installation to desired running clearance or preload. Matched sets are available. Kaydon also offers matched spacers for applications requiring extra precision.

typea naa

NAA Series

KAYDON Bearing NumberDimensions in inchesCapacities in Pounds① lbs.
SizeLand DiametersDynamicStatic②
BoreOutside Dia.L1L2C’Bore L3KAYDON RadialISO Radial③ThrustRadialThrust

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